Divorce is a disruptive process. It may mean your children see you or your spouse less often. It can mean you have less time together with your kids and that you have limited patience with them or others because of your situation.

It’s always important to put your children first, even if you’re feeling stressed. Remember, their lives are changing, and unless they’re approaching adulthood, they likely have very little say in what happens next.

What can you do to make your kids happier during divorce? Here are a few tips that could help.

1. Stay active in your child’s life

Sometimes, divorcees need time away. They may move into new houses or try to avoid seeing their spouses. The problem is that, if you have children, you aren’t in the same home as often. You’ll see your kids less, and they could feel abandoned.

If you decide to move out, make sure you have custody arrangements in place. Set up schedules for when you see your kids and when your kids’ activities are so you won’t miss out.

2. Encourage positive thinking

While change is hard, there are some benefits. Did you and your spouse fight? Explain that there will be less tension in the home. Does your child like to design things? Encourage him or her to make a layout for his or her new bedroom at the parent’s new home. If both parents are moving, that’s an even bigger opportunity to make the divorce into an adventure with a positive outcome.

3. Listen to your kids

Finally, listen. Your child will likely show or tell you how he or she is feeling. Take the time to listen, so you can understand what your child needs.

These are a few tips for keeping your children happier during divorce. Keep them in mind and attempt to stay positive throughout the changes.