Child support discussions usually come up when a marriage or relationship ends and children are involved. Courts usually order child support to be paid to the parent who has full custody of the child. Unfortunately, there are times when the parents who are responsible for paying child support end up in a financial spot, resulting in delinquency of child support payments. However, Alabama parents who intentionally fail to meet their obligations could be charged for non-payment of child support.

A 41-year-old father found himself in a bind when he was unable to pay child support. In September of last year, the man entered a plea of guilty for failure to pay over $87,000 in back child support payments. He was sentenced to probation and, under the agreement, he was required to obtain employment and pay the money back.

However, he did not adhere to the agreement and did not secure employment. His probation was revoked, and he was sentenced to four years in jail. He will have to serve four consecutive one-year sentences. No other information about this case has been reported.

Non-payment of child support not only deprives the other parent, it also deprives the children. However, there are circumstances that could make parents unable to make timely child support payments. Alabama parents may have the option to request child support modification to decrease the monthly payment amount. Doing so could reduce the chances of jail time. Usually, the family courts require proof of a significant change in financial circumstances.

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