Child support payments play a vital role in providing kids with basic necessities such as food and clothing. Since child support payments are so important, Alabama parents who fail to pay can be arrested. Recently, police officers in another state arrested six parents for failure to pay support and posted it on Twitter.

The Child Support Enforcement Agency and a County Sheriff’s Department in that state joined forces to keep the public up-to-date on the arrests of several noncustodial parents who were not adhering to court orders to make child support payments. Authorities called this feature a “virtual ride along” for those following the officers. These arrests were not just open and shut since a number of these individuals were not so easy to locate.

The goal of this North Carolina effort is to enforce penalties for parents who are not supporting their children. The department believes that showing these arrests on the web can help them to do their job and reach out to the public to illustrate the importance of paying child support and the consequences for failing to pay. Paying child support is not optional and every parent not fulfilling that obligation is held accountable.

Child support amounts are typically calculated depending on the parent’s financial circumstances. Parents who are finding it difficult to keep up with the monthly payments may be able to file a motion to request a reduction in the amount they are required to pay. Custodial parents who are not receiving child support may file with the Alabama family court system for assistance.

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