Sometimes, couples who are involved in high profile divorce cases, such as the recent one between Alabama governor Robert Bentley and his wife, ask the court to seal all records pertaining to the case. Under such circumstances, a judge will sometimes order that no one except the couple, their attorneys, paid experts and other legal employees pertinent to the case is able to access the court record. A sealed record can help a divorcing couple maintain a higher level of privacy in their case where personal issues regarding the division of assets or alimony are concerned.

The Bentleys announced their decision to divorce after the governor’s wife filed the claim in late Aug. 2015. She stated that her marriage had suffered an irretrievable breakdown after 50 years and that there was a complete incompatibility of temperament between herself and her husband. The governor released a public statement asking for privacy in light of the personal nature of the situation.

It has been publicly reported that Alabama’s First Lady is seeking an equitable division of property, as well as the sole title of property the couple owns. She has also requested to receive alimony payments in the divorce. A court date has been set for Nov. 2015.

Whether a divorce case is considered high-profile or involves private citizens leading lives removed from the public eye, couples typically need the help of legal professionals in order to reach amicable and agreeable resolutions to the issues being disputed during a divorce. In Alabama, there are attorneys who are experienced in the process of divorce negotiation and all surrounding issues, including spousal support, property division, child custody and alimony. Anyone facing such issues will usually benefit by consulting with an attorney before proceeding to court.

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