After six years of marriage, there are allegations that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have decided to get divorced. Alabama fans may have learned about rumors that the two have been living apart for the last few months. Mariah is reportedly upset with Nick Cannon because he did not issue a joint statement about the possible divorce since one was being prepared.

Just weeks after they started dating, the pair got married in the Bahamas back in 2008; and three years later, Mariah gave birth to twins. Mariah is rumored to be unhappy with Nick’s decision to announce the divorce ahead of their joint statement. According to reports, things could be getting ugly between the two, with Mariah possibly enacting a gag order against Nick. However, there is one thing that the couple still has in common and this is the focus on their children.

Mariah is reportedly focused on her upcoming tour and her children. At this time, Mariah is reported to feel devastated over the collapse of the marriage. Nick Cannon reportedly finds Mariah’s comments humorous and added that there’s no merit or truth to them. No other information about the rumored divorce has been reported.

If the couple is getting divorced, then it’s likely that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey will have a battle over property and custody of their two children, especially if the split is not amicable. It’s important for this celebrity couple and any other divorcing couples to put the needs of their children first above their own. The couple could resolve their disputes by hiring a third-party mediator to avoid trips to a family courtroom. Alabama couples who are getting a divorce may want to explore their legal options in an attempt to secure favorable outcomes.

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