Those in Alabama who find themselves in court as their marriages come to a legal end typically face issues regarding the division of their assets and properties. Some say that property division in divorce proceedings might be made easier if soon-to-be former spouses signed a prenuptial agreement before marriage. A recent case involving a celebrity couple has been noted in the media.

Country music icons Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are said to have shocked fans worldwide when they publicly announced their intentions to divorce after a 10 year marriage. Some who have reported the story claim that the couple’s divorce settlements were finalized in a very expeditious manner because they had signed a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. Reports indicate that this has allowed them to proceed amicably and quickly reach peaceful agreements regarding the division of their assets.

Both Shelton and Lambert are known in their small-town community as business owners and active participants in community life. Many say that Lambert’s businesses in the area have boosted their local economy in a big way. In addition to their business assets, the couple also owned a home and various pets and livestock that were part of the reported asset division.

Whether an Alabama couple preparing for marriage chooses to sign a prenuptial agreement remains an individual choice. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding such matters is able to seek advice and guidance through consultation with a legal professional who has experience in family law cases. Regardless of whether a couple is famous and has substantial material wealth or are simply private citizens who live by simple means, professional legal advice would most likely be beneficial to those involved in divorce proceedings.

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