Most couples who enter into marriage do so hoping that their marriages will last for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, some studies indicate that approximately half of all married couples in the nation eventually file for divorce. Many of these couples have children. Recently, a senator outside the state of Alabama drafted a bill which would require that child custody be divided more evenly between divorcing spouses.

The senator stated that she believes that it is crucial for children to have frequent interaction with both parents after divorce. She claims that kids receive a multitude of benefits from spending time with both parents, as mothers and fathers have different qualities to offer their children. Her newly introduced bill would ensure that children’s time with their non-custodial parents is not less than 35 percent unless extenuating circumstances would deem less visitation appropriate.

An interesting issue within the issue concerns grandparents potentially affected by infrequent visitations. The senator said that she often receives correspondence from grandparents who report that they rarely see their grandchildren due to the fact that their sons or daughters only have visits with their children once a month. The senator’s bill would apply in all situations, but would likely have the greatest effect in situations in which parents can not reach an amicable agreement regarding the division of time spent with children after divorce.

Whether Alabama legislators follow suit in introducing a similar bill remains to be seen. However, common sense suggests that it is best to strive for a peaceful agreement when the overall happiness and well-being of children are concerned. Therefore, it is sometimes helpful to consult a trusted legal team when faced with a legal issue as serious as child custody.

Source: NBC Nebraska, “New bill would encourage 65/35 split of child custody“, Jessica Lang,