Birmingham, AL
When my husband at the time told me we needed to go our separate ways I had no idea where to go to find an attorney. So I pulled out a Yellow pages phone book and started looking at the ads for divorce attorneys. There was one that caught my eye and I liked their ad. They also had a video you could watch & it really impressed me because they were so family oriented. I made an appointment for a free consultation. I was very impressed by the attention I got & the answers I received so I retained them. They told me I could call any time I had a question or didn’t understand something. Well believe me I called with questions all the time (early in the morning or in the evenings) and even sent emails, lots of emails and they had answers for me & quickly. If they didn’t have an answer they researched it and got back to me. They fought for my case and fought hard. They were very thorough and knew what questions to ask the opposing attorney. I received everything I asked for and more. I couldn’t be happier. The whole staff at The Rose Law Firm, LLC was there for me. If I had to do it all over again to hire an attorney, it would definitely be The Rose Law Firm, LLC—100%. If anyone has any questions please feel free to look me up on FB and message me.