Birmingham, AL
Military Contractor living overseas, desperately seeking a divorce. Adjectives to best describe The Rose Law Firm; Dedicated, Compassionate, Thorough, Knowledgeable, Competent, Professional, Efficient and Effective. So, these are just a few of the descriptive words I would use in order to articulate just HOW The Rose Law Firm supported and assisted me through this endeavor. In order to provide context, let me explain and express how I came to find, utilize and contract The Rose Law Firm. While on leave in Colorado, I contacted The Rose Law Firm. I had been married for over 20 years, separated for the last 7, and I was living in Germany. My (now) Ex, was a resident of Alabama. I searched for a firm that could represent my needs, assist with all matters of filing and bring my divorce to fruition. A divorce is seldom easy; As always, there are 3 sides to a topic, yours, mine and… somewhere in the middle the factual truth. The Rose Law Firm provided the documentation (which does require specificity) to begin the action. Once completed, The Rose Law Firm filed all of the papers acting in my stead, unfortunately, my ex (it was a mutually agreed upon divorce) was unable to meet with Jennifer, creating issues for the filing of the motion. Documents emailed, German Notaries, scanned, emailed, filed and repeat, The Rose Law Firm handled the entire case with professionalism, accuracy, and thoughtfulness. From flash to bang, (contacted in November, finalized in May), all matters were covered, clear and concise. Specificity in the billing was accurate and documented (sure, it’s hard to read, ‘attempted phone call $20’ (example), but that phone call requires adjudication, time referencing the topic, ensuring information is accurate), and everything ‘should’ be billed, parking, emails, correspondence, filing, etc. This is a business, a Firm, a professional organization, that too requires payment for services. The moment ‘free’ services are provided, the ability to act in your stead becomes reckless. Professionalism in accountability, allows an organization to provide concise services, and those services, should be charged. (Ok, I read a few reviews prior and was surprised at the disdain for being charged for services, assistance and support). In short, yes, too late….The Rose Law Firm provided exceptional support and service. I never once had to come to Alabama, set foot in a courtroom, and all questions were addressed in a timely manner, and response were clearly articulated. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the support provided! Regards, Jason