The divorce process can bring on multiple arguments between spouses. One of the main issues divorcing spouses argue about is child custody. Many Alabama residents would agree that most parents want to spend as much time as possible with their children. Even after a custody schedule is formulated, there may still be issues present when it comes to weekend visitations.

Throughout the years, child custody issues have increased. Some of the most popular scheduled days to appear in a courtroom is Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. At some point in time after the schedule is ordered, a parent may end up late in dropping off or picking up the child. In some instances, a parent may not show up at all.

Non-custodial parents may also raise visitation issues when they’re due to see their child. Some will go so far as to request law enforcement to escort them to the other parent’s home to get their child and will furnish copies of their court order. However, in spite of having the court order in hand, authorities do not always know if the order is 100 percent current. This can be due to visitation schedules being modified in court multiple times or because it is not known if the parent has rights to their child that day.

This can be one of the situations where parents may have to re-enter the courtroom on custody arrangements. When facing a child custody battle, it can be important for Alabama parents to fight for their rights to be an active role in their children’s lives. The best interests of the children usually involve a relationship between both parents. Sometimes, litigation is the only option for either parent to decrease the chances of losing parental rights or only having a passive relationship with their child.

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